Less Thoughts - Custom Source (synth voice)

hello folks,
Less Thoughts is a complex synth voice based on feedback, phase modulation with some weird twists that the 301 can accomplish really easily, the synth samples recursively it’s source output (a sine wave) and modulate its phase with a granulized loop of itself thru a filter. I tried this path because i’m always on the look for ways to create organic, not explicitly synthetic synth sounds.
Here you have a 1v\oct tune input, a gate input for triggering the envelope, common ADSR controls, then you have a go! button which toggles the modulation circuit, an explore slider to sweep the timbre and a ratio slider to use different tuning relationships between the granulator and the carrier vco. The result is a rich, pretty aggressive tone which is very easy to use yet still versatile for grungy synth lines.
If you keep the go! button unlit, you have a sine tone with added resonance you can sweep with the explore slider but frankly i was thinking to erase the go! button and let the circuit always engaged…
no dependencies here, cpu about 35%.
as usual you can drop a coin into my paypal ( hyena666@gmail.com ) if you really really go crazy for my custom units :wink:
here you go:
less-thoughts.unit (39.4 KB)

here a short clip. on the last part i add some reverberation for context:


Nice one @hyena! The sound has a really rich character to it.

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thanks @Joe ! i was thinking of new ways to use loopers\players to interact with oscillators to create interesting timbres, this is a little example, i think a lot can be explored in this direction!

inspiring stuff! Thank you!

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Wow very cool

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