Let's speculate, what is the next O|D module?

I’m a big fan of Brian and his worth ethic and design choices. The 301 is brillant. The 101/2 are also brillant. If he was working on something new, what do you think it could be? New version of an exiting module or a new module all together?

The thing is, I’d be happy for any new revision of an exsisting module, but the mind turns wondering what else could be up his sleeve. I personally would love new versions of the 101/2.

What do you guys think?

It’s an interesting question becauseI find it hard to distinguish between what I think will come and what I wish for.

I expect the next thing to be an update for the ER-301. Just a more powerful CPU board, fully compatible to the existing module. And while I believe there is development work on it done in the background, Brian has already stated that this will come when the OS is fully matured as there will be a new OS necessary for the new CPU and the following development path will not be compatible to the presently existing OS.

What I wish for and what would be more of a ‘new module’ would be an ER-301 with event related gate/trigger outputs for the ER-301. I think this is a bit of a realistic hope since Brian did insinuate that if ever some kind of expander comes it will be something like this rather than a CV out expansion.

What I dream of would be a ER-501. A Control Voltage Computer in the vein of the 301 with a lot of inputs, outputs and internal patching of CV algorithms and sequences. Complex CV is something I would love to achieve in an easy accessible way as known form the 301. Although I am not sure if it would be to much of an overlap between the 101, the 301 and teletype. Maybe with the new CPU an expander that allows CV and gate/trigger output would already cover this in a better/simpler way.

The ER-301 already can do nearly everything and I do not see much need of something else than more power and more connectivity. There is a lot to explore in software units that is not possible by now.

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Someone got the naming scheme :wink:


So that makes one wonder more. What for example was the 2xx series going to be if the 1xx is a sequencer, and the 3xx is a sound computer.

This would never exist according to the naming scheme.

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So each module increments across 200? The module after a potential 501 would be 701?

I guess so - but the next one would not be the 901 then…

ER-302: 16 CV ins, 16 CV outs, 4 joysticks, 8 momentary buttons and a large Trackball.


If I were thinking strategically, the ER-501 would further integrate the 1xx and 3xx product lines into the modular ecosystem by bringing functionality lacking in the previous two and not generally available on the market in a single package. Something that generates CV and offers a range of manual controls (buttons, latching switches, joysticks, pressure pad) and which integrates deeply with the other products comes to mind. Or it could be something that makes cat sounds, that’s proven to be popular.

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