Linking channels without deleting existing units when possible

Couldn’t find this discussed elsewhere but may have missed it.

Several times, I’ve been in the position where I’ve been playing around with a chain of units/effects on a single channel and wanted to basically turn the mono channel into a stereo channel. For example, today I was playing with the Manual Grains unit and got something great going. Then I wanted to spread this mono Grain into stereo. Of course, by linking the channels at this point, the slate was cleaned and I was given a fresh two-channel group.

In this case, the behavior I would have liked was to keep the existing Manual Grains unit, but to turn the mono channel into a stereo group, and “add” the pan parameter set to its default 0 value.

I haven’t thought it through deeply for other cases, but just based on the UI between a single channel vs group of channels, it seems like the units could simply be duplicated into the new stereo group with the appropriate param additions and modifications?

This is being considered. Mono to stereo is the easy one but stereo to mono requires some assumptions that I’m still working through.

In the meantime, here is the work-around for mono-to-stereo:

  1. Save a chain preset for your mono chain.
  2. Link the channels.
  3. Load the previously saved mono chain preset in to your stereo chain.

Ah, good to know the mono-saved preset will load correctly in a stereo group. Thanks!

Perhaps a warning yes/no prompt when changing channel config (if currently occupied) would be helpful here?


Great stuff! I was playing with a mono chain last night and then regretted no building it in stereo.

This work around seems simple.