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LINUX animated mixer

I am pleased to introduce LINUX.
Linux is a special 4 channels mono mixer with some interesting features to animate boring signals.
some may recall pedals like Moog Midi Murf or modules like MI Frames but it is slightly different. Try it with different audio sources.
It can however be used as a simple mixer with 4 inputs and a mono output, for this it must be loaded on a mono channel, and this is very useful, especially when you run out of mixers and vca’s in your system.


Download the custom unit here: LINUX.unit (56.1 KB)
(CPU around 18%)


Here is a small preview of the unit:

In the videos I simply inserted the 4 waveform outs from my Tip-Top Audio z3000 VCO into the Linux inputs.

In this clip the z3000 i sequenced by a Malekko Voltage Block.

In this clip simple 4 waveform from z3000.

If you put any audio source on the 1/4 inputs, the bias faders will function like normal mixer faders and Very clean signals will come out. But the fun begins when you activate SCAN. In fact the same will activate the sample&hold driven by white noise.

Also remember that SCAN can be driven simply by an external clock inserted on G1.
Below is a small recap on the main functions:

VCA: is a simple on/off | panic command.
SCAN: will activate the channel scan in random world.
SPEED: adjusts the speed of kaos applied to the activation / deactivation of channels.
SLEW: applies a proportional amount of modulation’s portamento of the channels.

G1: External clock input
IN1/4: Mixer input
A1-B1-C1-D1: Envelope input

Feel free to experiment, destroy and reassemble it as you please.
I hope you enjoy it.



Cool! I’ll have to try this out later. I think I’d use it to random scan between internal looping samples

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its working great! thanks again, having a lot of fun with it

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You’re welcome:)