List or table unit?

It would great to have a unit that let us create a list of values to access via cv.

I guess that’s sort of what the scale quantizer does, because a list/table could be used for notes, but it could also be used for holding any sort of defined values to use in other things, just a collection info.

It might be neat if there were different ways to access the info too; straight cv selection, but maybe stepping through each entry etc. but i suppose those behaviors could dobe by combining with other units.

Hope this hasnt been discussed already!

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Interested in your use case ideas here

Anything really —

Maybe there are 3-4 sweet spots on a filter that you want to toggle through exactly with an lfo or trigger. Or make a 4 note scale to put into an osc. Or an ordered list of slice locations to play out a specific pattern. Things like that.

Edit — i guess its like making a sequencer kinda.


This is how the ER-101 functions. There are index tables of voltage values to pick from which are added to the step sequence. You can create your own tables or adjust the existing Scales (or Utility tables) within 0.001V.

And, with the ER-102, you can transpose the sequenced values and the new voltage value can be quantized to the table values (or not).

@Joe came up with a rather neat solution for this a little while back, and with probability too:


Yes thats a great technique @anon83620728
Still hoping for a list/table unit, i can only imagine the cool things that @joe would do wiht it haha :slight_smile:

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Not to mention Teletype.
Really worth considering this if you are interested in pursuing that kind of thinking/work.