Live looping action

hi there everyone.
i have a quick question about the 301.
i’ve been live looping and it’s fun but without a reset from a sequencer, you can’t loop shorter than the buffer.
what i want is to have a gate start playing/recording, then the second gate loops it to that length, and a separate gate signal could be punch in and punch out.
i would like it to be basically just the behavior of any normal looping pedal, where you can jam in and over dub.
is this possible without a gate sequencer?

if not, it is a request i desire greatly. i would also like clock dividers, multipliers, and also an eight cell drum rack where at the top level you could quickly assign samples for gates with no diving. that would be cool.

but i love this thing. i’m having so much fun.

Brian has said that he is planning on something called the ‘pedal looper’. For me, this is probably my most anticipated feature besides the granulator units. Here’s a thread discussing the existing looper with some talk about ‘Pedal Looper’:

I’ve been using my Digitakt along with a midi to trigger module (Erica Synths) to help with syncing up the looper. Midi out of the Digitakt to the module gives me 8 triggers. Set the track length on the midi track, place a trigger on the “1” and that becomes your reset trigger to the 301. You can use more midi tracks to trigger a sorts of things on the 301

I also use an old Boss foot switch to punch in and out on the looper as well as a Source Audio expression pedal to scan through the start time on a manual grains unit that is accessing the same audio buffer as the looper. :sunglasses:

Hey bc3, I know nothing about foot switches but am trying to fix that :wink:
So your post catches my attention.

Which Boss do you use?
I just looked at the Boss FS-6 manual, but it doesn’t say what its output is.
Do you think that would work to trigger the ER-301 maybe ?

Are you plugging your footswitch straight to the ER-301 ?

Does it require a trs cable?

Sorry for all the questions!

(Also nice to hear about your experience with digitakt + erica midi to trigger, since I’ve been been eyeing just that pairing.)

I use the FS-6 but I forgot to add that I’m also using a Doepfer A-177 foot controller module which the FS-6 plugs into. From there I patch to the 301. You can set the FS-6 to be momentary or latching but I use latching to “punch” the looper in and out of record. Not sure if you can plug the foot switch directly into the 301 but I will give it a try later and report back.

Yes, wondering what the A-177 is doing. Amplifying the signal?
Would love to hear. Thanks!

The Monome Walk module works nicely if you want to use footswitches. I love it.

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Thanks, jonny.
Is the Walk footswitch robust?
I mean, built well enough to withstand, uh…being stepped on :wink:

I’m a total nooob about footswitches.
Wondering if a special module is required for every footswitch or if boosting the signal would be enough. The Boss looks rugged and is pretty cheap. But if it requires a module, too, then it would lose some appeal. I’d like to avoid adding a module if I don’t need to.

(I know the Walk is designed to be used with its own switch and that the module includes some logic which I’m not really interested in — but maybe I should be hehe.)

Walk used to come with Yamaha footswitches which seem nice and sturdy, but I believe the new modules don’t come with them anymore. You can pick whichever footswitch you want to use.

Also, I’m not sure if the Boss pedal outputs any voltage or breaks a connection instead - in my experience expression pedals and footswitches are usually passive and essentially act as attenuators.

I think I recall seeing a diy footswitch that @shellfritsch made on the Monome lines forum, and that was outputing voltage from a 9 volt battery, if I remember right.

Oh that’s helpful to know. Thanks.

Boss pedal does use a 9v battery…

Hmmm, I glanced at the manual. I would assume that the battery is just to power a small board that handles the logic (momentary or latch) and polarity for the momentary function? Oh, and also to light up the LED.

i have been summoned :slight_smile:

note that this crude circuit often sends double triggers - but because i use it to trigger monome’s teletype module it’s really easy to filter that out with a basic muting script.


Right. Makes sense. Thanks again.

:smiley_cat: . . .:thumbsup:

so far, for a toggle switch i use an intellijel performance buffered mult with an offset always on. when i want to punch in, i click the switch and it’s on. click again, off. for momentary punches, i use a planar gate button (or for short triggers).

All in the list of features to be implemented. I like the drum rack idea.


Man that feature list is something else. What an incredible module :smiley:

I hope it all gets in there too!

(Something that I probably don’t need to say but better safe than sorry.)

Officially, I discourage anyone from buying the ER-301 simply because of something(s) on the TODO list. The target audience for the TODO list is people who already own the ER-301 and are contributing to its direction by submitting feature requests. It’s not meant as an advertisement tool.


Brian is the development team :smiley:


Might be worth having a look at the 0.2.x thread to get a sense of the pace of development.

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