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There is a work around for now… Check out Video #19:

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I don’t think Brian is being ‘dubious’ with development. It’s his creation and this is the roadmap he has chosen to take. He will be opening things up later on with an SDK of some sort to allow for custom units.

The list does show the direction things are headed in, but you should not buy an ER-301 based on the wishlist. Otherwise, you will be very disappointed if the feature you buy it for never gets implemented.

Sure, prospective buyers will look at the road map. I did. And I think it’s good that Brian points out that the TODO list is a collection of intentions, not a 100% guarantee.

I think it boils down to this. If you think what it can do already is a good value, and you can live with the fact that it’s an evolving project subject to change and intermittent bugs that is very likely to see more features over time, jump on in. If not, then maybe wait a while and see what evolves.

IMO, it’s already in the pole position.

I did worry about the “dubiousness” of indicating my target audience for the todo list but I saw no better compromise. I know that at some level my note is equivalent to saying “Do not read this.” However, is there a better way to have a public feature request tracker for the purposes of “planning with the community” but without it sounding like I’m making promises or trying to grab ownership a priori?

I really hope this is actually a big deal for you and you are not just making a mountain out of mole hill by the way. I take this kind of thing very seriously. :sweat:


Actually, I take this last bit back. I just remembered there is nothing wrong with discussing this and in fact it helps me more than anything. So what I really want to say is: If you or others think I’m screwing up by doing it this way then I would definitely like to know because then I will spend the time to find a better way. :bow:


it’s pretty much plotted out in the various categories of that list (and additional items have been added to it along the way) …

Man - I wish Apple was as dubious with their LX updates… if that meant full transparency, interaction , an upcoming unit SDK and no less than 17 or so updates since November :slight_smile:,

Ah…I think I’m starting to understand what you are hinting at. Basically, you are trying to say is that you have doubts that I can finish everything on the list in a time-frame that is useful to you. Well, you are right! I might not get it all done. I will work hard (but not to the point where I destroy my health or my love for modular) and hopefully the SDK will alleviate some of this time risk but it is still a very real possibility that some of the items on the todo list will never be realized.

Either way it is not my intention to tease. But the question still stands: How do you maintain a public list of feature requests without it looking like a tease to (prospective) customers?

let me just take this opportunity to say that the er301 is already one of the best modules i’ve ever touched out of MANY, and the level of involvement and development connected with the community is amazing to me. i feel like after reading this forum for 3 months and having my 301 for maybe two weeks that already i can tell that this is as special as my involvement in the early ages of the monome community, and that i am honored to be a part of this one now.
i believe brian is professional and very honest and straightforward and never for a second did i have anything more than excitement and joy while reading the “to-do” list.
it wasn’t confusing and i didn’t feel like i shouldn’t have read it, just felt cool to know how effing involved brian was. like with the disting, constant fun shit happening and development.

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I too have absolute faith in Brian that if something is possible it will be done!

I absolutely LOVE the developing nature of this project and feel proud to be part of such an awesome community (that’s you!) that is driving this forward. I much prefer this approach to having to wait, what, another year? For a ‘finished’ product!

My understanding is that it may never be really finished but it absolutely will reach a point of stable release that may or may not include all the things on the TODO list.

The magic about all this is that some of them are already possible with creative patching!

I don’t see what’s not to like but understand others may feel it’s dubious - in which case this module in it’s current evolving state probably isn’t for them and I would be disappointed if a vocal minority disrupted what so far has been a highly successful project that is making astounding progress!

Having said that please do continue to chat about it more - but please remember that there’s a lot of us here who are 100% happy with everything as is and is progressing :slight_smile:

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thanks! i knew i saw something in your videos like that! so cool. :slight_smile:

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@NeilParfitt I just watch 19 again now (despite Google’s best efforts to stop me!) and it really is brilliant!

Such a simple idea but 100% effective :slight_smile:


And… oops! I linked to the vid when I was still logged into the video manager. Fixed!

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Nothing you did @NeilParfitt - just Google trying to force everyone to log into a google account so they can watch YouTube videos - just no!


it was me - the link was trying to login to google for the youtube editor. I fixed it :slight_smile:

Ahhh… and here was me thinking Google hd gone a step too far hehehe :smiley:

old thread but thought id bump it since its what i would have titiled a new one! er 301 live looping acoustic drums :slight_smile:


Ok that was amazing
but what in the actual hell is going on with the camera
and how can i do that?

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That was really cool, @bjlogic!


My thoughts exactly!!

its a GoPro MAX. its all done in their app!

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