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Live looping / slice question


the slices stretch only if you use a clocked sampler (non-granular, so the pitch is also altered) or a clocked stretch (granular).
then you have to specify the “stretch duration”, meaning if the time division you specify refers to the slices or to the entire loop. you do it by clicking on the unit’s header and setting it in the menu


This sound what I am looking for , totally new to the 301 so if anyone builds this please share so I can test it out.


Thanks will have to try that, now I don’t have my 301 handy but ideally that’d be nice to have slices automatically set for every steps of a loop (now here’s a suggestion if the 301 doesn’t have that option already!)


what do you mean by “for every steps of a loop”?


Do you mean the buffer equally divided in n slices? I’ve just discovered the “slice to division” in the sample operations-> slice menu. I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for.


yes sorry that’s what I meant