Live recording of samples for triggering in a sequence?

Hey there, new here.

Got a question regarding the ER-301. Did a search on the forum and couldn’t find any related topics.

Was wondering if its possible to live record short samples / passages and trigger them via gate CVs?

Not sure if the looper will do this, as it will just loop itself over and over after the initial record.


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You’ll want to take the buffer you recorded into the looper and assign it to one of the player units. The player units have gate controls to trigger playback, options for how to play back, some have pitch shift controls, etc.

You can have the same buffer assigned to both a player and looper simultaneously if you want. So for example you can have a player unit directly after a looper unit in the chain, each sharing the same buffer. The player will block the output of the looper but can be used to play back what it has recorded or is recording.

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thanks ! I haven’t gotten the unit just looking at the features.

So I can trigger these samples without them looping by itself yeh?

Sure. The player units have playback mode options. You can choose repeat (loop) or play once. A trigger/gate in play once mode will cause it to play the sample once. In repeat mode it will reset the position back to zero and keep looping.

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