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Live slicing of samples with trigger or button?


I don’t believe this topic has been discussed, at least I haven’t been able to find any direct references.

Short version:

  • I would love to be able to slice a sample while listening to it with the press of a button, or by CV control from an external gate or trigger.

Slightly longer version:

I’m trying to use the ER-301 for hip-hop style beat making with samples. This involves slicing on exact moments in a song, not necessarily on a period, division or onset. It would be a breeze to chop them up by listening to the sample and hitting a button right where I want to slice the sample. I don’t believe that is possible right now. Is that something others would be interested in, something to put on a future features list? (0.4 is not about sampling I know)

If not, slicing on the computer would do the trick for now and I know there was talk about that here Slice using computer? Not sure if this is still on the horizon.

Oh yes, another question: is it possible to play a sample FROM slice and then play the rest of the sample (effectively ignoring the END of the slice)? Seems like at the moment you need to choose between playing or looping a slice, or loosing the ability to target starting points in the sample.

P.S. This is not by any means meant to distract anyone from the next 0.4 firmware release of course, just ignore this entire topic in fact!


this was requested in other threads as well. i’d like to see it. there was discussion about using the “start” parameter on some of the samplers to address a specific part of the sample and trigger (and\or retrigger) from there but then having the sample\loop play till its end and loop or not based on the settings. i tried this technique also but without very good results.


id love to see this added too, especially if it can be done with an external gate.


This isn’t a thing yet? How do you pick where to slice your samples? I need this to happen! :slight_smile:


Using the slice editor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can audition where the play head is when picking slices???


Press S1 and the play head will rewind to the cursor and external triggering will be suppressed until you leave the editor.

Make sure you use the latest firmware because this function was broken in some earlier versions.


Thanks, Brian! This is my first day with the 301. Already loving it


Oh wow, this simple feature makes so much sense. +1 to this. It’s something the MPC crowd see as a godsend, and seems straightforward to implement.


I agree, but don’t mention other gear if you want this feature implemented any time soon! :smile:


Hehe, I think the general usefulness of such a feature is easy to see, MPC crowd or not :slight_smile: it doesn’t turn the 301 into something Araabmuzik would ditch his 2500 for :slight_smile:


You did it again. :joy:


I did, didn’t I? :sweat_smile: I’ll be quiet now!