Load slices from different folders

For instance in the Vari-Speed Player, it would be really, really nice to be able to ad samples (multi selection) from various folders. Not sure if it’s a bug or intended, but currently any selection made in a folder is un-selected when exiting that folder…

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That would be the intended behavior.

The current or the requested?

The current behavior is intended. Not a bug.

Ok, but then I’d like to submit a feature request!


Can’t you just append samples/slices by adding the ones you need from one folder and then the samples you need from a second folder etc?

If you have another workflow than me, please let me know!

If I “enable multi”, select a sample, go up the structure, go back to the same folder, the selection of the first sample is cleared.

I’m interested in this conversation because I have also been in this situation more than once. I want to select samples from different locations in one multi-sample without having to going into my computer and make a new folder for it. @Daisuk uses the word “append”, can we do that?? To my knowledge the multi-sample is created when you hit Enter in the file selector menu, I’m not aware of an in-the-box way of changing the contents of that file.

Same here.

Hmmm, I’m sorry, but you guys are right. I somehow assumed that you could just load in a second batch of files from a different folder and append them to the buffer, but it doesn’t seem like you can. Would be practical if you could, indeed!

Ah dammit. :grin:

With the ER-301 you never know. I missed features before! But I think we agree this would be a good one to have.

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I little while ago I was getting ready to make a feature request and decided to make sure the functionality wasn’t already there. Brian had already solved my problem.

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