Loaded SD Card anyone?

Hi Peeps- Im Very new to the 301.

As much as i enjoy programming it, i can’t spend all my time doing that, and though i got the idea and im navigating fairly fast now, my learning curve will still take some time.

Wondering if any of you would pick up the glove and make available an SD card loaded with all, or most, of the Presets and chains that people have uploaded here over time.

I also realized that even simple storing on the card, is not always straight forward, and that there are certain ways to stor for correct loading.

Given all that, id be happy to pay someone for a correctly populated SD card so i can also spend some of my time actually making music…;-).


I like this idea. Would also be interested. It is time consuming to to get everything set up to be working, especially after not using the er301 for awhile and starting from scratch with a new firmware. Not everyone with an er301 bought it to code and study all the time, some just want to make sounds with it but dont have the time to learn the er301 (or how to code) inside/out all the time.

Might be neither worth to work on this sd idea right now. Nor to pay someone to do so at the moment: you’ll find ‘preset’ solutions under “likely” in the feature request tracker (in the wiki).

No matter how useful and important and easy a preset solution might seem to us: to find and implement a solution that meets both the high standards of the developer as well as the needs of the community here is anything but trivial. We’ve discussed these things earlier and it’s just important to be aware of the preset history and plans so far.

Having said that, there are only a few of us who are fanatically starting from a blank slate every time they turn on their ‘programmable’ music computer (which is redundant, right?).

So, hell yeah! Where is our preset wonderland @odevices? :rofl:

Meanwhile, there are already plenty of best practices concerning saving, packaging and sharing. However and unfortunately the information is still scattered all over the place, I think. Or is there a dedicated thread for all preset techniques?

And then again, the state of affairs in preset hell might change significantly from one second to the next. You’ll never know when but we assume that it will happen ‘likely’, just as the wiki tells us.

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Yet maybe someone who has a nicely loaded SD in his system can just copy it and make it available for a few bucks for Download or as a Loaded SD hard copy, so others can enjoy the system more until we get out of Beta Mode. Without any deep commitment to chasing the betas. Just as is in, say, 0.4,… Not asking for perfect, just to be able to load something and adjust to my needs+learn on the way. Better than nothing… Much much better than nothing,

There’s a lot of sample fodder (gigabytes) you can download pretty much in one go here.

There’s an index to some of the presets here, although not sure how recently it’s updated.

Mopoco is pretty right. The 301 is worth getting to know. I understand how you feel though. … I myself feel more than a bit intimidated by the possibilities . Vs my own abilities. I think theres A good comunity to help us out though .i dont know what else to say. Im out . Let me know how you get on .

I dont think sample fodder is going to help. Nice stuff though. If i was smart, i would make a bunch of cool presets within infinite presets and sell them. And each preset would be infinite . I would love to hire somebody to make me what i want the mighty er301 to do. Is there something wrong with that ?

What are infinite presets? Sounds interesting!

Hi Joe! Thanks a lot. I was hoping you would chip in. Ive been following your posts and Videos and appreciate your contribution very much.

For me, with my schedule, its a bit too time consuming to download correctly, and populate correctly the card, as I’ve seen that there are all kinds of ways and locations to store on the card for certain presets to show up correctly when attempting to load into the 301.

So all i was thinking is having, say someone like you, who im sure already has his Card populated in the correct way, not to mention that most of the devices are created by you, and just have you upload, for sale of course as far as i’m concern, an image of your SD or sell an actual Hardware SD which is a populated tested copy of it.

I wish i had the time to fully commit to this myself. But i need to move forward and incorporate the ER into my work flow right away. Its so hard to make money off music these days anyway…no spare time hardly. So i just need to be able to utilize it, and in my spare time im creating simple presets and learning it, but that is the Hobby side of to for me at this stage. The presets i make do not justify the price of the ER at all unfortunatel…

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There are tons of good presets made by people other than me.

It’s not a bad idea to make some kind of card image. It would take some effort though. E.g. my SD card contains some stuff that I wouldn’t want to and/or can’t legally distribute. So it would have to be an effort to making one.

One thing though - I think you might find that the real effort is going to be in figuring out how these unit presets work. Sometimes they aren’t very intuitive and require you to read the forum post or watch a video to understand what they do. The download is kind of the quick part.

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Sure. Im totally aware of that, and i would be capable of understanding most if not all of them, but want to get over the initial hump of even getting then to show on my ER.

Wondering if its technically possible to have an online disk image, where people can contribute, which is a ready Image, i.e, once you download it, it is a complete card image, with all the hierarchy and proper locations, and all folders, to install on a blank card.

not sure. it’s recommended to format the card in the er-301 as well as updating the firmware on the sound computer which builds the needed folders and files…
best practice is to introduce compatible (to a particular firmware) ‘presets’ after those steps.
(middle layer units into /libs, everything else somewhere else. even though there are corresponding
folders readily available… i tend to put the cherry picked presets and chains in one central preset folder.)

also, sometimes ‘presets’ and chains get out of date due to the ongoing development on the er-301.
(hence my point to the development plans for presets)

Got ya. So, say, i have an ER and my SD gets lost, Id like a Card that has all the folders needed and, id say, keep it at 0.4, since it looks like the vast majority of Presets and middle layer were done on 0.4.

Does this make any sense? I mean, it might not be perfect certainly for a programmer such as you, but can you imagine an end user who is not particularly programming savvy? Get onto that head bro.

yep, makes perfect sense to me.

we had that case and similar ones before and we’ll help you certainly out if you need or wish to go that path of older firmwares!

afaik and as for the middle layer business it’s strongly recommended that you take the most current firmware (0.5.X). however it’s fairly easy, safe and quick to change firmware versions if you keep those available on your sd-card.

(btw. i’m not prone to call myself a programmer, since i am definitely not (just an ordinary literary scholar). but for the sake of the argument and/or in the spirit of h.s. thompson i certainly could pretend to be one :slight_smile: )

i strongly hold the opinion that if you’re not a middle layer wizzard (like @Joe and a few others that i don’t want to drag into this :wink: ) the only requirements you’d need in terms of the “computer” in “sound computer” are ordinary folder-file-skills. i think everything else you’d need to be happy with your er-301 concerns the term “sound” in “sound computer” as well as a healthy dose of interest in learning things.

don’t get me wrong, i pretty much like the idea of some kind of a preset bank for everybody, including rookies. hell, i want to have one of those for real man! my collection is rather small and certainly not up to date. why would i NOT want to have a preset bank? or plenty of those for that matter?

personally, i’ll wait until Brian presents us something to chew on in terms of preset management.
we’ll certainly discuss it controversly (though friendly) then and after some itterations it will certainly become the best possible preset management solution for the er-301.

though thanks, it feels good to refresh this topic every now and then!
might also remind Brian of the severity of the good ol’ loaded beatbox problem.
but some fine day, he’ll jump out of the proverbial bushes and will present us something, i’m sure!
it could very much go like this: “Would you like to buy a preset management system?”

I will. What currency would you like to trade with?

A complete image of the entire preset presets, compiled as a download or would you prefer a hard solid state drive?


Dammit @mopoco. Been humming about wanting to buy an “O” for the last hour… :


I’m sort of waiting for this myself, as I find my SD-card to be quite messy (but very functional, obviously). As far as I’ve gathered, one of the upcoming features being worked at currently is the sharing of presets and making that easier somehow - so I would wait for that to become available if I were you. :slight_smile:

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Image should do… PVT me if you are up for it


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