Loading nil...struggling to load custom units

New to loading user custom units. Have tried to instal a few via sc >Presets>units>custom units… looks like it’s gonna load, but freezes with the text ‘loading nil’ with CV inputs doing their little boot up light show endlessly … no doubt this is early user syndrome, but would appreciate a little advice as some of these units look very cool and keen to get stuck in. On FW version 0.2.27.

It is possible that the units contain some modules only availble in 0.3xx? Could you name some of the custome units you could not load?

Tape trash & r beny’s Bokeh are two examples.

Both of those will only work with v0.3.xx firmware.

I should have the ER-301 pop up a warning message when the user tries to load preset created on later firmware than what they are running.

Thanks Brian… and I guess that’s my cue to dive into 0.3.xx


The water is warm.

… and cosy.

Already got my goggles and flippers on…