Loading samples into a buffer with a cv value or gate

A future request or a humble suggestion :slight_smile:
The possibility of loading a sample into a buffer with a cv value or gate.

you mean loading it into an unit? from the sample pool? from the card?
why not just loading a bunch into the sample pool with the multi load feature that auto-slices them for you and then just use the slice selection to scroll thru samples\recall? it is very easy while what you ask seems a little hard coding-wise (if from the sample pool it has to address the samples in the pool with a unique id, what if you add\remove\move samples? while if from the card how does it knows how your sample library is organized???)

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Thank you, great advise! Will look into slice and scroll thru samples\recall. Is it possible to do this by cv, guess I have to back to wiki again :slight_smile:
(The reason for asking was to se if there is a way you can change the whole sample with cv while playing without going into meny)

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absolutely, check the slice feature. not only you can slice a sample and then cv the slice selection BUT if you go on the sample pool and load samples into it you can “enable multi” and load multiple selections or even entire folders. the 301 will put them in a single file for you, sliced to keep the original samples reachable with the “slice” parameter which ,of course, you can cv :wink:


the 301 IS a real beast! when you think of a feature, 80% of the times it is already there, you just have to find it :smiley:

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is it possible to do this with the 301? cycle through sliced samples via cv without loosing sync like they do in this vid? only way i can think of doing it is have multiple samples running simultaneously and using bump scanners to unmute mixers?

I’m not really a breakbeat guy nor am I familiar with the Erica module, so I’m making some assumptions about what it’s doing. But, I think so? You could do what you suggested. Another thing I might try -

Say for example you have 4 different same-tempo, one-measure beats that are each evenly divisible into 8 sections. Use the multi-load feature to load them all into one continuous sample and use the tempo slice function to slice them into 32 slices.

To control the index on the sample player you would mix two signals - I would probably mix with Offset units. One side would be a counter going from 0-7 so that you’re always triggering 8 slices in succession, then back to the first.

The other half of the mixer would get hooked up to a custom control with that goes from 0-24 in steps of 8. So that would control an additional offset to the index causing it to jump to the same slice selected by the counter (0-7), but in the next groove (0-7 +8, +16, or +24).

You’d just have to get the gain structure right. I think it would work.

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