Local control for mixer volume?

Apologies if that’s a dumb question, but I’m just starting to wrap my head around custom units… I created a custom unit, inserted a mixer channel and put a feedback looper inside that mixer channel. Now I’d like to control the mixer volume with a local control, but that doesn’t seem possible. Am I missing something?

You can’t control a mixer volume (that I’m aware). Instead put a Linear Bipolar VCA after your looper and control it’s gain.

Thanks, Joe! That’s at least a workaround. Is there a reason for not making it accessible in the mixer?

Not sure if it was a design choice or if it just hasn’t been implemented yet. @odevices would have to tell us. One of the themes of 0.4 is custom controls, so we may see changes here…

I still don’t manage to control the VCA level with a local control. I tried a decibel and a linear local control, but no luck. Is there more information on this topic somewhere? I didn’t see any in the Wiki.

Go into the subchain for the VCA and assign your local. Remember to set the gain on the VCA subchain to something- like maybe 0.2 if you are using a linear control that goes to 5.0 and want this to correspond to a VCA gain of 1.0.

Thanks, I did and tried various gain settings, but whatever I do: the local control has zero effect on the VCA level. Could it be a bug? I’m on 04.01 and it’s a stereo chain.

Wait, it works when I modulate the local linear control with an external CV, but not when I just move the fader on screen. Shouldn’t that work too?

As mentioned in the v0.4xx thread, custom unit controls do not work in v0.4.01. They are being overhauled. :bowing_man:


Thanks, I only noticed the “being overhauled”, but not the “do not work” part: selective perception. :wink: