Logic operations?

Is it currently possible to make logic operations (and, or, xor) ?
Would it be possible to make new units for this ? Can a unit have two inputs ?

You can pretty easily implement basic logic ops with linear VCAs, mixers, and limit/threshold.

If your signals A and B are gate-like signals, A AND B is just a linear VCA with A in the input and B on the CV (or vice versa). A OR B is just a mixer (sum) of the two signals, run through a threshold or limit to cut off anything above the desired “1” level. NOT A is a linear VCA with offset of 1 and gain of -1.

Units can have as many inputs as you want, although only one of them comes in from the left. The others enter the unit via control chains.


Thanks for the reply. That’s amazing.
I’ll see if I can make custom units as easy to use as regular logic modules.

There’s the Logic unit in Joe’s bespoke units:

Compares two inputs (a and b) and outputs a user determined value based on the selected logical operation (select from header menu).

AND : Outputs TRUE when both inputs are true, otherwise FALSE
OR : Outputs TRUE when either or both inputs are true, otherwise FALSE
XOR : Outputs TRUE when one but not both inputs are true, otherwise FALSE
NAND : Outputs TRUE when either input is false , otherwise FALSE
NOR : Outputs TRUE when both inputs are false, otherwise FALSE
XNOR : Outputs TRUE when both inputs are the same, otherwise FALSE

threshold : values at or above the threshold are considered TRUE, below FALSE. Threshold applies to both inputs a and b . Modulatable at frame rate
true : value to output when TRUE. Modulatable at sample rate
false : value to output when FALSE. Modulatable at sample rate

Scopeside Chat for Logics Unit

ER-301 Bespoke Logics - Scopeside Chat



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I missed that whoever it was originally announced. Thanks that’s great. Thanks @joe as well!