Logic/Scanning/Modulation/Arp Sample Player....All Input Welcome:)

Hi there folks,

Hope you are doing well out there? So I am quite new to the ER-301 and have bought it as firstly love its interface and secondly love its power! To this end I bought it mainly to try and build a powerful sample player for percussion.

So basically I mostly use an arpeggiator for drum programming and nearly always work with 6 voices (Kick/Snare/Hats/Claps/Perc1/Perc2). What I am trying to do is basically build a drum sampler type of thing where I can by using modulation (LFOs, Envs, Rndm) move through a series of samples per voice e.g. a kick sample made up of say 20 different kick drums which play different kick drums every time the kick drum is triggered. Does that make sense? I wondered if anyone has tried this or this kind of thing?

What I envisage is a kick sample “reel” of 606/707/808/909 and custom samples on one long piece of audio which I can move freely between so that every time a kick drum is triggered it could be any of the samples. So lets say I was using an LFO to “scan” across my kick drum samples, how do I make sure that I am always at the beginning of a sample? of course with percussion being accurate in this sense is very important. Any thoughts on how to do this?

Also using an external Arppegiator I am slightly concerned with the best way to limit each type of sample to a single note. When I use use Arps I tend to work from C0 to F0 with C0 always being a kick and F0 always being Perc 2. Is there a way for me to send a single stream of arpeggiation into the ER-301 e.g. one single 1v/oct and qunatize the triggering of each of the 6 different to a single note? So that lets say I send in an arpeggio of the following midi notes, converted to 1v, C0, C#0, D0, D#0, E0 and F0, how do I make sure that such a stream of 1v/oct would trigger the samples in the following way, Kick, Snare, Hats, Clap, Perc1 and Perc2. Does this make sense?

Thank so much for any input you might be willing to share with this, really, really appreciate it. Will keep working away at this too and see what I can come up with? I have a sort of part 2 to this question/pursuit which is to do with triggering samples from inside the ER-301 itself using logic/lfos etc. So if anyone is up to that sort thing it would be great to hear about,

Thanks in advance for checking this out.

Cheers M

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Hi! I believe what you are describing has been done quite a few times and in a few different ways. However, before getting too far let’s make sure we are on similar footing :wink: Have you gone through this tutorial?



Brilliant, just going through this now…Many thanks!

Thank @Joe! He made that tutorial. :bowing_man:


Once you have the simple drum rack mastered, then you can try experimenting with loading sample chains into your player units instead of just a single sample.

To load a sample chain:

  1. From admin > Sample Pool press Load Samples (S1)
  2. Press ‘Enable Multi’ (S3)
  3. Navigate to the folder with all the samples that you want in your chain.
  4. Either ‘check’ the folder to load the entire folder, or, ‘check’ individual files.
  5. Press ENTER and answer ‘yes’.

Now you have a pre-sliced sample chain (i.e. all samples concatenated and one slice per sample) in your Sample Pool that you can assign to your player units via the ‘Select from Pool’ command in the unit menu.


Oh no, first day off work to do this and the wiki isnt working?! Does any one have a copy of this? Cheers!

in the meantime you can check these out