Logics?! How to synchronice things

I have a (hopefully small) logic problem I can’t solve with my lack of 301-in-depth-knowledge.

I have a stereo audio in and a clock in.
The basic scenario I want to do is 2 loopers, each with it’s own buffer, one is playing when the other is recording and vice versa. The recording/playing state of each looper should be based on the incoming clock. I added a counter module to define my loop length (like 4 clock beats) but can’t get the loopers to work synchroniced. How do I tell looper 1 to record, while telling looper 2 to play? I think I miss just a little information to master this. Any help is more than appreciated.

By the way, I am running the latest 0.4 firmware and installed Joe’s brilliant Accents lib.

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I’m not in front of my 301 to test, but I think you just need to set the punch control of each looper to latch mode, feed each one the same output of your counter unit, and manually set the punch controls to opposite states to initialize them (one on, one off). Then when they each receive the same trigger they should flip.


Thanks Joe, that one was easy!

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