Looking for a replacement 101 panel

Hey all, I’m looking to freshen up my 101, wondering if anyone has a spare 101 panel that they’re not using?

Mine has a couple scratches and marks, would love to get it replaced!
I’m not picky about the color or finish. I like them all! Please let me know, I have PayPal and Venmo ready.

I’m located in the US (California)

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How does this one look compared to yours? Look under the “A” in Quad there’s a scratch under it and a smaller one under the line to the left of that.

Wow that is a whole lot cleaner than mine! Yours has little to no visible rash too, definitely looking good. I’m interested, would you want to email me? I’d love to get in touch!


I’ve always wondered, what is the best way to take off the nuts around the jacks?
I read it’s best to use a 8mm socket wrench, but the nuts are the most cylindrical I’ve seen, can a socket wrench grip it properly?

Im looking forward to swapping plates haha, thanks again!

I was able to get mine off with just my fingers.