Loop from point to point and slice

Hi, as the wiki is not working I need to ask here … how does the loop in / out work on sample players? I would like to set in / out and loop to infinite. Also, another question, how do you avoid playing the clip from the start and always play from first slice ? Thanks


Hi there.

The loop in/out will only be active if you have the Play Duration set to “Loop on Gate Hi”. Then if you send a gate, and keep the gate high, when you get to the loop out point, it will reset back to the loop in point and loop between those points as long as the gate remains high. When the gate goes low, it will finish playing out the sample or slice, depending on what you have Play Extent set to.

If you want to avoid playing the first slice, make sure Play Extent is set to slice. It will depend a bit on what the CV-to-Slice-Mapping is set to. In the default mode (Index), the Index slider is divided evenly among the number of total slices (1/total slices). So for example if you have two slices, one right at the beginning, and a second slice where you actually want to start, make sure the index is 0.5 or greater. You will need to send a new gate to trigger that change.

EDIT: BTW, If you’re really just trying to loop an entire slice infinitely, you might not need to use the loop points. You can just set duration to repeat, play extent to slice, set the index to select which slice you want, and send a gate.