Loop in between two slices?

I have sampled a bassline and I want to loop what is there in between 1st and second slice, so to get a looped bassline. Can this be done ?

If you don’t care about the loop syncing with anything else then drive the trigger input with a SINE OSC and tune it’s freq to get the desired loop length. If you need it to sync then you can use a TAP TEMPO unit driven by an external clock and reset signal.

With the current firmware there isn’t automatic looping when a sample has slices yet, so a way round it for now would be to trigger the sample each time you want it to loop so it plays - a manual form of looping as it were, and probaby with enough units (Fixed Delay, VCA, OSC etc…) used you might even be able to program it so it does the triggering automatically after the slice has been selected.

Okay, I’ll try that … I assume you can’t delete whats in before and after slices, AKA editing the sample right ?

Thanks for the info

Not yet! :sunglasses:

Don’t want to be pushy, but will this be on next firmware release ?

Where would you add the tap tempo unit ? on a unit chain or at the trigger inside the the sample player ?

Probably not the next firmware release (that is slated for the file-based stuff). However, a quick-and-dirty trim function will be available soon after that.

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The second option is correct. You would add the TAP TEMPO unit in the trigger subchain of the PLAYER unit.

really weird – just thought i’m totally off, not managing to loop a slice!.. am i? has this been implemented by now?

i can’t get it to work. as soon as i slice a sample, it’s not played in loop anymore :frowning:

As soon as you slice a sample the looping behaviour stops - this is intentional!

Try triggering it at any rate you like :slight_smile:

Or wait for the upcoming wavetable unit which I am sure will make this kind of work much more straightforward!

i dont wanna wait! :man_with_gua_pi_mao:

… well, thanks :slight_smile: a bit smarter, at least.

I know what you mean, I am so keen for this wavetable stuff it is untrue but I’m just keeping quiet and waiting patiently (ok I just said it here - doh!!)

My favourite way to achieve this now is to actually edit the wave file on a computer so it loops exactly as i want it, it’s a bit of a pain in the ass, but at least it’s 100% there then!

Yep. I’m reaching the same conclusion. I know Brian has mentioned teleportation sickness avoidance as one of his goals, so I feel good that one day the computer round trip will be but a memory.

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