Loop In / Loop Out

Does anyone use the Loop In / Loop Out markers on the various sample players? I can’t for the life of me figure out how they are supposed to work. Seems strange to me that you can’t remove them without removing the associated slice.

The only time I can see them effecting anything is when I set “Play Duration” to “loop on gate hi”, but even that is confusing — when they gate goes high, the playhead goes to the Loop In, but won’t play until the gate goes low. After that, once it hits Loop Out, playback stops :thinking:

I have no idea what the intent of that particular functionality is… or what they loop points are meant for in their current state. Am I dense? I didn’t see them mentioned on the wiki. Can anyone clarify?

I apologize for the rough edges. Sampling still needs another round of house-cleaning.

This is a known issue. Thanks for bringing it up though.

This is intended by design. Also, currently loop points only work in Play Extent = slice mode although this might change in the future.

This does not sound right. Playback should loop while the gate is held high. Then when the gate goes low, playback will ignore the loop out point and continue playing until the slice end.

I think we all knew that the ER-301 firmware is work in progress and that there will be rough edges, but it would be really helpful if the Wiki could be refined, at least for the most important units. I also spent quite some time wondering about Loop In/Out (and other things). This is a very welcoming and helpful community, so we can always ask the forum, but for basic knowledge like this a more complete / up to date Wiki would be great.


I also already knew that you want an updated wiki. :smiling_imp:

Seriously though, I can sense the frustration in both of you guys’ posts, loud and clear. I’m working as hard as I can though. All of these issues will be addressed in due time.


Thanks, we know. :slight_smile:

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I also noticed the problem. I solved it after a few tries.
When the LOOP ON GATE HIGH seems not to work, just go back to the main screen (in my case on
the VARI SPEED PLAYER) and fire manually the gate using the M4 soft button. Now the playback should loop while the gate is held high.