Looper - Assigned Sample Status

Hi Brian,

I’m finding after having a bunch of sample loopers in and around the system, that it’s hard to keep track of which buffer file is assigned to which looper.

It would be super helpful if the assigned buffer file name was listed somewhere in the waveform view area at all times … such as the top or bottom left.




Yeah - I save the buffer file with the same name as the looper! It only takes a minute, then all confusion is gone :slight_smile:

True - except if I’m not sure what my “plan” is while building something in the moment - I won’t know what I want to call it :wink:

Looper 1, Looper 2? :smiley:

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You and your sensible ideas!


+1 for this and the ability to audition buffers in the pool

Im still in to this, I would rather name my looper based on what its doing in the patch and what signals are intended. I think if the sample player just had a line of text to indicate anywhere it would be beneficial. It could even be in the menu where you choose assign sample.

Added to the list!

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