Looper: can "zero buffer" be exposed?

I just put together a quad looper custom unit that I’m pretty pleased with, but I’m finding that often I want to zero out the buffer of one or all the loopers, but it requires digging down a few levels just to find the control on the Looper unit.

It would be really awesome if “zero buffer” could be exposed so that I could ping it with a gate. Or even just being able to do it quickly in the sample pool screen in admin mode would help a lot!

Yes, this is planned already. :smile_cat:


Great. That will be huge for use in live performance

Playing with the loopers for the first time, very exciting. Good to know zeroing is on the roadmap, definitely useful in performance context. :heart_eyes_cat:

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Is this possible yet? +1 for this! I would like to assign a I2c trigger to do this.

I don’t think it’s possible. I’m also waiting for the Command Bus to be implemented :slight_smile:

I have a MLR script for Teletype and ER-301 almost ready, but it requires this kind of command “zero buffer” etc.

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I’m really hoping this can be exposed soon or added as a “clear” button within the looper units.
Would make it easier when making custom units.

FYI: The Pedal Looper can be remotely cleared.

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I did see that but it seems to need two triggers to clear it?
Would it be possible to add a one touch clear button for all loopers?

Of course it is possible, but I’m still leaning towards a more general-purpose approach to this kind of (non-musical) control (i.e. the command bus). I beg for your patience! :bowing_man:


Love your work! That sounds great. Happy to wait patiently :relaxed:

This would be amazing. I know it exists on Pedal Looper but it would be very useful on Feedback Looper

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did this ever happen that we can zero the buffer?

Nope, didn’t happen. I tried in the lua layer, but even there I couldn’t get to clear the buffer. Might be because I’m not smart enough though :laughing:

I have wanted this feature too.

Maybe someday?

Sloop actually has a button in the menu to zero the connected buffer, so that would be an option but it’s not trigger based