Looper flexibility

Hey there!

I’m using the ER-301 as a looper a lot in my setup, but I’m having a few problems that I’d like to ask if anyone knows how to work around. Or this might be a feature request :slight_smile:

I can’t find other ways to play back the loop back than using the “reset” input, which means I’m playing it back from the beginning all the time. I would like some more flexibility. Do anyone know a way to either scrub/move the buffer around or somehow be able to slice it (before or during playback) and choose different slices from which it will start, when resetting?

Also I’m having trouble finding the amount of “dub” and “wet”, so that volume won’t rise when recording and stays the same when looping. I guess a way to kill the dry signal only while recording would be a way to do this, but thats not possible as “punch” is not reacting as a gate. Does anyone know the way to do this?

Any help will be appreciated - thanks!

Brian has been refining the looper and has said that he will probably work on another unit called ‘Pedal Looper’ which will function differently. For now, if you try the latest version in the 1.6 pre thread, the start point of the loop is something that can be modulated for the length of the recording. Brian also recommends trying a sine wave unit to modulate the reset so you can change the loop length.

BTW, As far as slicing goes, you can share a buffer between the looper and the sample player.

There is also some discussion in this thread, which may answer some of your questions about dry/wet mix and some other things:

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Jonny - thank you so much, that is completely awesome! And really looking forward to the pedal looper!