Looper Overdub ( control loopers)

Trying to overdub/layer by setting the dub in the middle.
It doesn’t seem to work. Am I doing something wrong?

Did you set the wet/dry to 100%

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i did yes, it seems that the 2nd passage of recording removes completely the 1st one…

That means you have dub set to 1, so you only are left with the new stuff:


Set dub to something between 0 and 1, like 0.25.


thanks @odevices , one more thing what’s the fade for?

I tried to create 2 loopers to record and mix live.
In order to have full control of the action I would need:
4 manual gates : engage/punch triggers
2 mixer faders: loopers are nested inside mixers
4 faders for dub/wet
2 faders to control the linear VCA for the shared input
( this is tricky, I don’t know what to set the faders to stop at 0)

Any simpler way with less buttons?

Any help really appreciated!