Looper - sample player: click

ok i have a weird issue with a click i hear and i have absolutely no idea why it is there…
simple setup, some phase modulated sine wave drones go to main monitor and a copy of it into erbeverb and back into the 301 where it gets recorded into a looper with full dub and full wet and a 20ms fade, next to the looper i have a sample player with the same buffer as the looper so i don’t hear the looper but the pitched down sample player, again with a rather large fade. still, i hear a click and i don’t know why, i watched both the looper and the sample players scope to see if it’s only at the end of the recording but it doesn’t match. do i misunderstand this concept of looper/sample player? the waveform on the player’s scope does not update the recording but the buffer clearly does update, i wonder if it’s somehow connected to this shared buffer…?

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