Loopers: viz / length

A couple of questions about the ER-301 loopers for the pros.

  1. In any of the loopers, is it possible to get a visualization of the buffer contents and position of playhead?

  2. Is there any way to have the length of the recorded audio determine the buffer size/length, rather than vice versa? (I guess not, but…)


For question 1: press enter when hovering over any looper unit parameter. It will give you control over the parameter while also changing the screen to visualize buffer content and playback.

Question number two is describing the pedal looper. But it is limited because you can’t share its buffer elsewhere.

The problem with number 2 is you have to allocate memory in order to record audio to it. If you use the 6 track recorder in the admin area you can record without creating a buffer, but you can’t mess with it live.

If you have already recorded something with the 6 track recorder you can load just that sample into a buffer of it’s own. Just go to Admin, Sample pool, load samples. You can also load directly into a sample player by going into the sample player menu and pressing load from card. I believe that either method will load the sample into memory buffer as long as you don’t use a raw player.

Thanks, everyone.
Pedal Looper may be what I’m after. :biking_man:

I suppose you mean it’s not possible to pre-assign a shared buffer to a pedal looper and another unit, because they are created on the fly? Your statement that it is not possible to share the buffer at all is confusing because you can! (Or am I going crazy?)

Oh and by the way you can use the reset functionality of any looper unit to control the loop’s length. I’m sure it’s possible to time the recording length and tie the ‘stop recording’ trigger to a reset trigger that will remember that moment for you. I’m just philosophizing here.

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well, no, you can’t because the pedal looper buffer doesn’t appear in the sample\buffer pool, its like a “ghost buffer”, hence you cannot share it.
dub looper and feedback looper on the other hand create a buffer that’s visible and that you can share between units but you have to set its length beforehand, so its less “liveset ready” if you get what i mean.
i wonder if a pedal looper with visible buffer is on the roadmap…
anyway we have indeed plenty of options as it is :slight_smile:

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Really?? How odd that I never noticed it!

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I use reset to determine loop length and separate trigger to punch record in/out. I usually reset every bar or less and the buffer is set at 5 seconds long so I only ever record to the first few seconds of it. Feedback loopers to capture live and manual loopers sharing that buffer. The feedback looper buffer and manual looper buffer assignments are saved with the quicksave so you don’t have to create a buffer every time…just make sure you don’t delete them when you quick save.

So same here reset for loop length