Low Bit Audio Play issue now worse with firmware v0.1.6?

Hi Brian, my issue with the audio dropping in into this strange low bit play back has gotten worse, as before It would happen if I left the ER-301 on all night, now it has started to happen after being used for only 30 to 40 minutes. I have tried everything, clearing my samples, units, buffers to nothing every time I load up more presets/units etc. I have also reset the audio S3 focus in Admin mode for all the used channels but this does nothing to get it to go away. Right now I have to power cycle the module to make this stop happening, anyone else run into this, or find a work around right now, this is a absolute show stopper for me. Forgot to mention I am running the last firmware v0.1.6

I recommend sticking to to 0.1.5p23 for the moment. There are still some odd UI gotchas in v0.1.6pre, such as the “restart” audio engine button does not do anything unless you are actually in the Channel Setup screen.

Did the “restart” audio engine fix the problem in 0.1.5p23?

FYI: You should never have to power cycle. Instead use the “reboot” button in the Update Firmware screen.

Richard, I haven’t seen this, and have been running the latest firmware over some long periods.

Sorry to hear

@rdevine1 I’m beginning to think this issue is patch-dependent. Is it possible to get a copy of the patch that was running when this happened?

Just bumping this thread, hoping to get some more details around the glitch. I’ve left an ER-301 running for days without any issues. :bow:

Hi Brian, sorry I just got back from SF, so catching back up here. The issue is still happening and I still can’t figure out why. As for the patch, I am running two Random CV sources into the A1, and A2 inputs, A3/B3 has a gate triggering the samples. The odd thing is even if I setup a sampler player with nothing assigned to any of the control inputs it will happen. Like for instance, I just load up a 3 minute drone, if I leave that running at some point after 30 minutes the low bit drop happens. Tried everything, but nothing has worked so far.

Would it be possible to get a copy of that 3 min drone ?

Are you using the 48k or 96k firmware?

Yesterday evening i have encountered the same problem has Richard describe.
My patch was very simple :
only one unit , a sample player wich was looping a one minute recording.
I add some patch cable into A1 and A2 with random cv.
the fact is that nothing was CVing the sample player.
I obtain then from time to time very bad sounds from the sample player, it was reklated to the fact i patch or unpatch the A1 and A2 CVin.
I’m on 48k firmware.
The patch was running since two hours when it’s happen : in fact i wasn’t listening my ER301 during this time.
I’ll try to reproduce that today and if i’m able i’ll record it.

Also, next time it happens please press the “Restart Audio” button in the Channel Setup screen and let me know if the sound goes back to normal.

Just to say I have left both of mine running for a couple of days and there have been no issues like this at all.

I’m just guessing here, but the only thing that comes to mind that may explain this is full memory, do you happen to have an awful lot of files in the audio pool?

I have no idea how the memory is allocated in the ER-301, so this could be totally wrong, however I did load up a ridiculous number of short samples and found the UI became quite sluggish when accessing the sample pool so there could possibly be some interaction there.

When it happens i only had one sample in the pool memory ( 1 min recording ).
But for now i was not able to reproduce it.

Hi guys, same here I only had one sample loaded into memory so it for sure wasn’t a full memory issue. This has also happened when using just one sampler player unit, and a much shorter sample only 30 seconds long (individual drum hits) were I have setup individual slices and triggering the sample slice times with gates. Still not sure how to replicate this as it doesn’t seem to matter how long or short the sample is. Also to answer the question above I am using the 48khz firmware version.

I’m getting nowhere with this one. I’ve tried for weeks, running 5 different units on various power supplies for days without this happening. So I need to change tactics.

Richard, would it be possible to have you send your unit back to me for analysis? I will pay for shipping of course.

I’ve just had a similar problem, just a simple looping sample that occasionally becomes distorted/bit crushed.

It turns out the cable I’m using (tiptop stackable) is faulty - if I swap it out, the distortion stops.

I’d highly recommend contacting TipTop about your faulty cable :wink:

Actually, this seems to happen on a few of my stackables. If I then use the same cable in another module, it works fine.

Any chance I could convince you to send me one of those “faulty” cables? I promise I will return it!

Yeah, no problem - I can get one sent out in Monday’s post to you.

Actually, let’s be rational about this for a second. The only failure that a cable can contribute is a shorting of the tip and ring (signal to ground). So at that point it becomes important to know what was at the other end of the cable.

I of course tried shorting the outputs on the ER-301 with no effect. So I’m thinking that the destination is injecting some significant current into ground…