Low Bit Audio Play issue now worse with firmware v0.1.6?

I cant imagine this the case with stackcables, but I once bought some braided cables from a small euro manufacturer and the cable grounds weren’t even connected! It was causing all sorts of havoc until I figured that out.

I’ve just got the multimeter out and tested about half a dozen stack cables and they are definitely ground connected and there’s no short. So stack cables should be absolutely fine unless they are actually broken!

It was connected to a Sputnik 6ch mixer.

I’ll have a play around with different outputs from the ER-301 going in to various modules when I get chance this evening.

Just remembered, this is some history of problems with stack cables:



Pretty sure this is a thing of the past though, I certainly don’t have any trouble with mine :slight_smile:

In the same case?

Yeah, same case.
TipTop power with Circon brick.
No previous system noise or power issues.

I have a kick sample looping
Output 1 => Sputnik mixer => intellijel uJack => headphones.

If I patch into an intellijel unity mixer before the Sputnik, the issue is still present. If I go straight from the ER-301 to the uJack, still present.

I’ve made a similar sounding kick using MI Braids and followed the same initial signal chain and used the same cables and I can get a light crackle when wiggling the cable but no odd distortions like what are coming from the ER-301.

The distortions can be quite mild, like a soft hiss in the background like with mild bit reduction to full on nasty. I’ve been wiggling the cable to produce them but they can happen without my wiggling which is how I first noticed it.

So, I think my cable is faulty but it’s interesting as to why it produces the distortions with the ER-301 and not a similar sounding kick from elsewhere in my system.

However, the distortion goes away once you hot-swap the cable right? No reboot or restarting of the audio engine is necessary, am I correct?

Yep, it stops when I swap the cable.

It happened with a few cables last night - I’m going to work my way through them all this evening.

Not sure this is relevant but I had one of those mixers and it did occasionally have weird noise / distortion / grounding issues. I’d try the same patch with a different mixer just to be sure its not that.

So I tried all my stackcables this evening and 20 out of 65 are problematic :frowning:

This is not a ER-301 issue but I think it’s something to do with the low frequency content of sampled kick drum that I was using which made weaknesses within the cables more apparent.

That’s a TON of stack cables!!

Yeah, I use them exclusively so that I never have to think about mults or swapping cables around to tap of signals :slight_smile:

I actually sold all of my tiptop stackers because they were so buggy.

any news on this?

i received my er301 yesterday but i think i had this issue already today, i just played around, nothing major, just discovering the module but one time i loaded a sample into a sample player and it sounded distorted and a bit bit crushed, really weird. i deleted this unit and loaded the same setup and the sample sounded just fine. this happened after appr. 1 hour powered on.
it was a normal 16bit 44100hz wav file.

Just a thought, I wonder if this is related to sample rate of the file.

2cents, mind the noise.

It’s worth testing!

Just wanted to say that my problem is still happening even on this unit, with a different card. I am wondering now if this might have to do with my wave files? 44.1khz, at 16-bit?

I was able to reproduce the issue again, loading up one of my drone waves on loop, and let it play all night. The low bit playback happened again after it playing on loop for over 3 hours. Just wanted to chime in again, as we might be on to something now :slight_smile:

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What happens if you resample it to 48k. Any change?

Did hitting the Restart Audio button make the problem go away?

Hi Brian, yes hitting the restart audio button makes it go away. I am going to convert all my files to 24-bit/48khz to see if this might help. :slight_smile:

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