(low)frequency to cv converter

First of all, im not looking for a pitch tracker! (but that would be awesome to!)

That said, what i want to make is something that take incoming gates and depending on the rate, outputs a float value from 0 to 1. could be really useful for setting up dynamic envelopes that change their rates depending on how often they get triggered and such.

been experimenting with slews and envelope followers to set something up, and had something near what i wanted to get but not really there :wink:

Any tips on how to make this or maybe this could ba a future unit?

Ummm…what about the pulse to hertz unit? Wouldn’t that help?

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umm, yä it did lol… thank you!
sry for my noobishness, need to reed the wiki more :slight_smile:

i was eying the measurement and converter units, but could not quite wrap my head around them, i guess the hertz thing in the pulse to hertz thing confused me :slight_smile:

edit, not in the wiki yet.


check my pll unit for 0.3 , i almost did a pitch tracker! it worked with my voice :slight_smile:

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Does this mean something else to you, or, did you not know what it meant?

i would say i did not know what it meant, or to be specific i i thought the output as hertz was something else.

But after @elias pointed me in the right direction i sat down with the pulse to hertz unit, and all the other measurement and converter units and they all makes sense now.

i guess the term hertz was a bit confusing for me, dont know why, it makes sense now. maybe its that when talking about hertz and conversion in the modular world, its often about korg synths and v/oct to hertz/oct standards.

when i first wrote this i was looking for something like a “pulse to v/oct” as i did not understand that you could do basically the same thing with an output in hertz as with v/oct, at least in the 301 architecture.

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How did you manage a pitch tracker?

check for yourself @pico :slight_smile:

not the first unit in that thread (fake pll) but the last one with detailed controls description.
it works on 0.3.xx, not 0.4