Lucid Dream | Custom Unit

Lucid Dream is a chain of 4 grain delays.
Load the unit on a stereo channel.

Lucid Dream was built with v 04.11


  • Voct for each of the four delays

  • Time in ms for each of the delays

  • Speed parameter (this influences all delays but in different ratios)

  • Feedback control for delay 2 to 4

I built this a while ago, originally with six grain delays but this reached the cpu ceiling.
I’ve just completed the rev7 mod and am now able to talk to the ER301 with Teletype.
This is why you will find teletype units in the control bay of Lucid Dream, you can of course discard these if you don’t have Teletype.
The sound file is an example of control by Teletype from several scripts, jumping to different settings.


edit: I had teletype ports still setup for a six delay chain

Lucid Dream.unit (53.2 KB)


Demo sounds lovely - looking forward to checking the unit out!

Edit: as I’m listening to it, wondering if you might be interested in sharing the Teletype scene you used here, just to help get started.


Sure :slight_smile:



L 1 4: SC.CV I VV X I
X RRAND -150 150


L 5 8: SC.CV I VV * Y I
Y RRAND 0 200


L 9 11: SC.CV I VV RAND 125


demo sounds lovely!!! compliments!

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Demo sounds great.
I cannot wait to try this one out.


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Sounds fantastic - kudos!

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