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LxPG — an adjustable sample-based LPG

Hi all,

Here’s my attempt at making an LPG that allows for a few useful adjustments.

The “vactrol ring” and “CV Both” are using a sample of the lower part of actual Make Noise LxD’s vactrol response on a +10v offset when strike is triggered — to achieve exponential envelope.

It’s pretty simple but i’m sure i’ll be improving it.

CV Both — equivalent to level control on Optomix or Terminal (VCA/VCF open/close). It is mapped to the reversed vactrol response sample to make it exponential, like on most LPGs.
Strike — feed it triggers / gates.
Damping — controls the speed of the vactrol response sample playback, effectively affecting the “ring” time. 0 is original speed (that seems too long-ish).
VCA Bias and VCF Bias — offsets tuning the response to make it brighter, darker, more “VCA-y” or more “VCF-y”. Experiment! I picked up ranges that seem useful to me but you can always “Edit Controls”.
VCF Q — filter resonance. Again, I limited ranges to what seemed useful to me.

put the .unit file anywhere
the “vactrol” folder goes into “ER-301/samples” folder in the root of the SD card.
Again, the path should be "/ER-301/samples/vactrol"

CPU level is at 13% now, i’ll think about what I can do to reduce it.

please let me know what you think! i was able to coax pretty convincing LPG stuff from it.

v 0.2 — LxPG.zip (1.2 MB)


Looks cool. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to trying it out!

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Thanks, let me know what you think!

wow!!! tomorrow i’ll be testing it and will give some feedback! (i have optomix v1, lxd and streams to compare).
thanks for sharing!!!

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thanks! certainly there’s a lot of uniqueness to the real LPGs that can’t be replicated — but that’s not the goal, i have the LxD and the mk1 Terminal too, as well as the 208r and they all sound great and different. but as a small aux thingy, especially for live setups the LxPG can be useful i hope.

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simply beautiful! i just loaded up a sine vco with some feedback and the lxpg, works really well and retains the lovely punchiness of real plucked lpg’s!
congrats! this is very useful!

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thanks! i’m really happy to hear that!

i hope one day i learn middle layer to make more efficient units.

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Love the concept of this – such a neat way of emulating an LxD. Really inspiring!