Mailbox buttons not rendering correctly

I’ve noticed that the Inbox, Sent, etc… buttons in PM are running all the way across the page and the message body section is pushed underneath, anyone else have this? Is this a bug?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Looks fine in Chrome…:thinking:

Had a look in Vivaldi (worth checking out :wink: ) and it seems in Safari there are some css classes missing around .user-content-wrapper .user-secondary-navigation and there’s a bunch of errors too.

It might just be a local problem, I haven’t restarted for weeks, when I can reach a point where I can close all my windows I’ll try that!

The forum in general is rendering strangely for me today, on Firefox Android, and in Firefox and Chrome in Ubuntu. Things are looking a bit grayed-out:

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same grey layout here on firefox / windows

same here… curiously, the mail buttons are working again!

Yeah, the logo is offset in the top bar. I don’t mind the gray color scheme though, but maybe there should be options for Original, Nostalgia, and People’s Choice :grin:

We are at half-mast for Mike McGrath. I will return it to normal in a few days.


Thank you Brian :cry:
A sad day for all of us

I was wondering what the grey shading is about and got a slight suspicion when I saw he half-fallen O|D badge. I want to thank you, Brian. I really do appreciate this gesture of silent remembrance.