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Hi i was using the latest 0.6.16 without any problem, then i decided to install some new packages that i never tried before, then after i installed some of them succesfully, it failed when i tried the autogen and at that time i guess i deleted something (maybe a core file?) As a result, in my main secreen i can not see the units anymore! , only mix unit under essentials, custom effect unit under containers and test osc under experimentals… These are the only units that appear now.

i tried reboot and update, none worked. I tested with another card to see if my card is damaged but still got the same result ?

any ideas to fix this ?

Try reinstalling the firmware.

The units came back after my 3rd attempt of reinstalling the firmware. So thank you @odevices everything is normal now.
On the other hand, i can not install any of the packages any more ( failed to extract error…)
I looked at the forum to see if there is any limitation of the number of installing packages but i couldn’t see anything like that. (including accents i have 10 packages installed so far)

No maximum is enforced. You should be able to install packages as long as you have space on your rear SD card. If you can give the full error message from admin > Log Viewer then I might be able to guess the reason better.

I tried it with 3 different packages , below is the log file. (1.8 KB)

Yesterday the units loaded succesfully but i did not have time to insert a unit and test it. Now i realize when i insert any kind of unit, they all come with an error message failing to load. I can not load any unit now. Maybe this is the same reason for why the packages were not installed. I am attaching this log file too. (1.0 KB)

Have you tried uninstalling everything except core and then seeing if you can instantiate the core units?

well yes i uninstalled all the packages except core, and my units are gone again. This problem i have, sounded similar to the one that @Daisuk shared recently in the post below ER-301 failing to load units upon boot - #10 by Daisuk therefore i removed the teletype package too (which i never need it anyway) but there was no improvement.
Actually what i experience is a bit complicated so let me summarize like this; after i uninstalled everthing (except core) and the units are gone, i reinstalled the firmware like i did yesterday and after reboot while the firmware is being loaded at the start up, i see ‘unintalling core 0.6.16’ on the screen and after that it says ‘loading packages’ one by one including teletype. Then when i go to admin/packages i see the packages are installed again ! including teletype…

Then i decided to reinstall the firmware, this time at the start up i see ‘installing core…’, and go back to admin/packages and see that packages are unistalled again and there is no teletype. But also i can not see my units so the problem is still there.
Sorry if it does not make any sense and i know it sounds weird but this is what i am experiencing now.
Just for curiosity i installed firmware 0.5 and everything was working normal. When i got back to 0.6, it repeated the same process that i told above …

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That is weird. Can you take your rear SD card over to your computer and check it for errors using a disk utility tool?

If there are no errors reported then delete everything except the following 3 files:


Return the SD card to the rear slot of the ER-301 and boot up. Before doing anything else, reinstall the firmware and reboot. At this point only the core and teletype packages should be loaded. Check that you can instantiate some core units like the Varispeed Player.

Once that works, then go and proceed to install other packages one by one, checking for problems after each.

If you get this far without problems then I would hypothesize that the ER-301 lost power while it was trying to write some essential data to the rear SD card thus leaving some files corrupt.

Let me know how it goes!

deleting the files in the rear SD and reinstalling the firmware solved my issue :smile: Now all the packages are installed without any problem. I do not know what caused all this but i guess it may be related to uninstalling/deleting teletype package (at the beginning)
anyway thank you @odevices for your instant help :melting_face:

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My units have started disappearing again, so thanks for posting this! :slight_smile:

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