Making a Chorus Effect?

In many delay processors you can make a chorus effect by modulating the delay time a few milliseconds with an LFO and mixing it back in with the original signal. I’ve achieved this in my ER-301 to great effect by modulating a Variable Delay unit’s delay time with a Sine Osc.

So far so good.

Now I want to up the game by simulating a ‘4 voice’ or ‘6 voice’ chorus but I’m having problems visualising the audio routing. Essentially I want the original audio mixed with 4 ( or 6 ) modulated delays. The problem is, as audio flows from left to right, getting the wet/dry of each delay unit right is really difficult. Each delay’s output flows into the next delay. The whole thing ends up sounding very very digital.

Anyone got any ideas on how this can be achieved?

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Worked it out.

7 Mixers. 1 is just the dry signal, the other 6 are the chorus ‘voices’. Mix the levels to taste.

It actually sounds really fat! Works great on sawtooth chords coming out of the Shapeshifter.


Share as custom patch,please