Making a decision on keeping vs. selling my ER-301 - help me make the right one

Hi everyone,

I’ve had the ER-301 for quite a while and never really took advantage of it for my music work really (I write music for TV and trailers). I was hoping it would allow me to do some unique processing stuff, but no matter what I do, I find myself going to the same tools in the box and rather using those. Now, I’m GASing for the SOMA Pulsar-23 (I have the Lyra-8 and love it to bits), so if I’d wanna go and get the Pulsar, the ER-301 would have to go. Now with 0.6 firmware, I know the possibilities are opened up substantially, but I haven’t seen any super useful tools that would allow me to do some useful yet creative work for my kind of work. Should I give it some more time, or just go ahead and sell it? I definitely don’t want to regret selling it at a later point.

you could always rebuy it at a later date. i’m guessing it will be a while before things like norns softcut, max patches, cpu upgrade (things i’m hoping for) are part of the architecture

Yeah I also have norns, so that gives me a lot of creative unique tools

Out of curiosity, what kind of units would you like to see added to the 301? Maybe there’s some gaps we need to fill

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If you’ve had it for quite a while, and you understand what it is, and how to use it, and you’re still not enjoying it, I don’t see why you should keep it. Put in a box, and put the box in a closet. If six months pass and you haven’t once desired to take it out of the box and use it again, you don’t need it.


I’d love a unit that allows for realtime audio processing (granular mode etc.) without having a sample load first, for example. Or some other processing tools that for example resemble the Krotos Reformer Pro, for example, allowing for blending and mangling of sounds.

That’s a great idea, I just might do that!

You can do this already by using a shared buffer with the manual grains unit! Set dub to 1, and wet to 1 and you’ll have a buffer that’s continuously overwritten with whatever’s coming into it. Then just select the same buffer on the manual grains unit :grin:


That’s actually pretty much the only way I use my ER-301 (at least the units for audio buffer processing). If you haven’t tried that, definitely don’t sell it and first spend more time to explore it in more detail, OP!


Alright. Will post back here when I have an idea for something that I’d like to do with it (or monome norns, but I’ll post that there)

i did a lot of realtime audio processing with the 301, things that i couldn’t get from any other tool (except computer with max or reaktor or pd or supercollider).
i worked with an actress on stage with 4 different parallel processings of her voice (she also was able to loop herself via a usb footswitch that controlled some loopers on the 301). pitch shifting, live granulation, filtering and echoes, all mixed up. the results were amazing.

i think that the only issue here is that you have to program your own custom stuff to get the most out of the 301. if it’s not something that intrigues you or you have no time for it, i suggest you sell it.


Program as in design a patch within the 301 or actually program it with C++ now on 0.6 firmware?

program as in design a patch. i can’t write a single line of lua or c++.
just with internal units (and the great additioanl tools by @Joe and @tomf and the others) you can build incredible stuff.

What tools might you be referring to?

There’s a bunch of user developed tools here.

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working in the same realm of TV and film over here, and I can tell you that for me, modular is completely off the table in the midst of a gig except for specific uses. As you know, recall and speed are so critical that any fiddling hinders the job.

I’ll do sporadic dedicated modular sound design sessions throughout the course of a series and build Kontakt libraries from them for the recall. As soon as I’m writing, it’s all in the box again.

fwiw, I treat the modular sessions like I’m recording a session musician and dedicated 2-3 hour lumps of time for it. It’s proved far more beneficial than sitting at the modular in the middle of a deadline trying to come up with something…

So yeah, I wouldn’t sell, but instead approach it from a different way.




Hey man, thanks for that. Yeah, surely the modular is perfect for sound designing in between projects, but I’m still wondering whether keeping the ER-301 is worth it, just for that. I’m looking more and more into using norns for real-time audio processing to add more originality to my work. There are some great scripts for that on it, and the tools like that don’t really exist on the 301. So you don’t use it for real-time processing at all, just for sound design? Any particular units/combos you use for processing on the 301?

also remember that practically all custom units made for firmware 0.5 actually work in 0.6 without need for conversion, they just aren’t packaged as “packages”

Is that accurate? I wanted to try out Tomf’s polyphonic bespoke unit, but was lead to believe it wouldn’t work in firmware 0.6.

frankly i don’t know about bespoke units (units coded in LUA aka the middle layer). but the custom units i made in the GUI level all work fine.