Making a eurorack groovebox?

Been thinking of trying to make a eurorack groove box based around the ER-301 I figure the nerdseq might be a good unit to combo it with and maybe a few analog filters and performance control options. So I guess my question is do you think you would get bored with the Er-301 as a primary sound source.

My current main set up is digitakt, analog 4 and pro2… sort of thinking it would also double as something to put longer samples of patterns from them for some sort of live remix type options.

If you do, you’re using it wrong. :wink:

Seriously though, after 2+ years I’m still finding new ways to use the Er-301 as a sound source (and other things).

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Do you find the modulation options inside the Er-301 plentiful enough? I know most people are using it with a larger eurorack and will have plenty of outside modulation. I suppose finding all this out and figuring out how to make it work for me will be part of the fun of it.

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Aside from sequencing, which you’ll want another module or something external for, yes.

There are multiple EG units (ADSR and Skewed Sin), several ways to achieve randoms, and you could probably generate any LFO you could think of.

You can also record (and loop or use as triggered one shots) hand recorded CV.

Very good idea.
In fact, using the most probably coming I2C breakout for the NerdSEQ you could sequence and control the ER301 from all NerdSEQ non-sample tracks, being all tracks a different sound in the ER301 (and no cable patched)…Just saying :slight_smile:

And of course, if it all works well as i plan…

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I think that’s impossible by design. The ER-301 doesn’t have a “signature” sound, it’s just a big long list of very detailed and extremely versatile building blocks. So as long as you don’t run out of ideas to patch all of these blocks together, you’ll never run out of new sounds to explore. Like Joe said, modulation is more straight forward if you have dedicated external modules, especially for sequencing. But it can be done. Never tried NerdSEQ, but with the I2C breakout without a doubt it’s a great option.


Ohhh very cool, seems like they will make quite the pair then!

Yeah I see what your saying, like I really never bore of making new sounds on the pro2 and a big part of it is what I can do with routings from the performance sliders. But it also has to do with having 2 filters that can really have a lot of character or be quite subtle depending on how hard I drive them. But yeah sounds like if I get a few sem style filters to go with the set up it would basically give me some of that flavor if I really need to cram some more character onto a sound.

I think this would be a near infinite box barring your own imagination. When combined with your other gear (specifically the pro 2) you have a near infinite pallet to play with.

I say go for it!