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Manual gates - any alternative to ADDAC304?


It’s strange but it’s quite hard to find ADDAC manual gates nowadays in Europe. Maybe you can help with alternatives to it (if 1U - only intellijel dimensions can fit in case)
Thank you.


No firsthand experience, but have been weighing between the ADDAC modules and this for a while. One plus for the Doepfer is that you can choose between toggle/latching for each of the 15 gate outs.

A-173-1/2 Micro Keyboard / Manual Gate Modules


I have recently acquired an Antimatter Audio Launch Codes. Not really the same thing but an awesome 5-channel manual rhythm thing. I really like it.


i use fh-1 + korg nanokontrol & usb footswitch & usb midi keyboard.
plenty of manual gate sources :smiley:


these are great:

4 latching and 4 momentary. I also enjoy them with the 301, as if you set gates to momentary, then you also have an outside status light of sorts that matches up with looper punches etc…


They do look great. Alas sold out on the site and not available anywhere I could find them…although a search on wigglehunt for them turned up these

Which could also prove pretty handy for use with the ER-301.


Intellijel Tetrapad - everything you want and more - they’re great!


Thanks for all answers - so many variants. I’ve also just found that addac can be bought through their site - will try this way. If this doesn’t work - Octal or Doepfer. It’s quite strange that for so popular Er301 there is no special module - like faders plus gate buttons.


I ordered my manual gates kit direct from addac. It’s a very easy build.


I’m doing the same. Worth noting Softwire is coming out with a 4 channel version in like 12hp also.


My fave is the qubit triger.


I have bought ADDAC 304 for gate buttons and SSSR labs Wobla for sliders. The second brand looks like pretty unknown but quality of sliders, 3 mode and opportunity to configure slider - and + positions (jumpers on the back of module) is very useful. Faderbank is overkill for me, and this tiny guys rocks.

how it looks like in the case: https://www.instagram.com/p/BtwH1EABYAj/