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Manual Grain - Slice Parameter

Hey @odevices! Is there a particular reason why there is no Slice parameter in Manual Grains unit? It always takes me by surprise

Design-wise there is no particular reason other than the typical trade-off between priorities and development time.

The technical reason is that Manual Grains unit has no concept of sequential playback. It’s random-access. That is what the adjective “Manual” is trying to communicate. This meant that there is almost no code shared between tape-like units (such as Grain Stretch and Variable Speed Player) and random-access units like Manual Grains and Manual Loops. All the current slice-related code is written assuming sequential playback with a given speed. This is why it was trivial to add slice capabilities to unit’s like Grain Stretch but not to Manual Grains.

Edit: Now that I think about it, perhaps you aren’t actually interested in the reason but were actually making a feature request? :grin:


Thank you Brian, I’m always interested to know about design decisions and technical challenges, they actually do fascinates me. Only after making complex Reaktor instruments I started to truly appreciating how difficult it can be to design and execute a design idea!
That being said I guess we could call it a feature request if there are no technical blocker :upside_down_face: