Manual Grains additional settings (Polyphonic Sample Player)

Ive been using the Manual Grains Unit as a polyphonic sample player. It works brilliantly but an issue im experiencing in its current state is that it loops the sample on default. When you play the sample back at a higher pitch or set the duration past the original samples length you’ll hear the loops. This really stops the unit from being used as a simple polyphonic sample player.
This made me think if it was possible to add sample playback parameters like the Varispeed Player allowing you to choose whether you want it to loop or play once (one shot). For me I think this would be a fantastic and very useful feature to add whether you want to use the unit for its intended use or as a polyphonic sample player.

Going further, there is an opportunity to enhance the unit to be even better.
The squash parameter is interesting as it goes from a cosine to square. It would be awesome to change that parameter to have a ramp up to cosine to square to ramp down.
Adding a tilt eq or lowpass inside the unit would allow per grain (voice) filter settings as the unit takes a snapshot of all parameters per trigger. This means you could modulate the eq to dampen higher or brighten notes for each voice.

Really hoping this is an easy tweak/addition to the existing Manual Grains and someone is willing to have a go at doing it. Would be amazing to have just the settings added so we can have a Polyphonic Sample player.


Even further: the squash parameter could be replaced with a special “sub-chain” containing a Single Cycle unit that would be scanned according to the duration of the grain (normalizing the single cycle length to the grain length). This would give morphable arbitrary grain envelopes.