Manual grains buffer view does not update

while sending a looper some audio and sharing the buffer with manual grains, I go to view the buffer as I am scrubbing through it. I notice that it doesn’t update its view. if I stop playing audio into the buffer, the window stays the same. Bug or just wishful thinking?

Known bug :blush:

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yeah same goes for the sample player if you are using the same buffer as the dub looper. hopefully one day we will see this as it would be useful to visualize. thx brian!

No need to go through all the different combinations :wink: They all rely on the same drawing code.

Just throwing this out there as an idea for 0.5 or whatever, since we’re talking about buffers: It would be neat if there was a dedicated buffer window unit. As in, the unit’s only purpose is to display one of the active buffers and then the location of any “heads” accessing it. And it’s always on/visible. As opposed to the buffer only being visible by pressing Enter on a specific loop/grain/etc unit. Just something that occurred to me every now and then.