Manual grains, loops multiple voices

Dear all,

After reading a post on the nebulae 2 and just having sold it (and miss it already haha) I am eager to try and recreate something like it in the ER-301.

As I’m quite new to the module I’m not sure how to approach the polypnony from the Nebulae in terms of that the grain or loop can be triggered while the old one keeps playing, the density parameter I believe.

Hoping someone can give me a pointer in the right direction.

Thanks for your time.

You can always have multiple manual grains units acting on the same sample. :slight_smile:

Each Manual Grains has a 16 simultaneous grains polyphony (from the wiki page).


Hey yes, I’ve read that.
I only thought the length of the grains too short for what I’m after.
But… I just learned that I can edit those parameters (updates to 0.4 yesterday) so perhaps also that one.
Going to try that!

Thanks for the tip!

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