Manual Grains Unit question

Hi! I use the Manual Grains usually for triggering samples instead of using sample players. The difference is that I can trigger a grain in one position and then another and both will be ringing till each grain reaches its duration time. With a sample player with multiple samples loaded in a buffer, if I trigger a sample in one position and then another before the first one ends, the sound will be interrupted. And also to create multiple polyphonic sample players I need less units and CPU use.

The only thing I miss by using this method is to have more control over the attack and decay time of the envelope of each grain. It goes from a curved rise and fall (optimal for a more granular synthesis method to blend all the grains) to a square shape, but no fast attack and slow decay and viceversa options.

Could we get this implemented in future firmware updates or could be possible to do this right now by tweaking the actual firmware?

Thanks a lot!

That is interesting. I actually just stopped messing with a round robin sample player. This would be really cool. I am really enjoying playing samples polyphonically but with just the normal two inputs. The unit I am working on is 4 voice, and right now it only has decay control, but iā€™m planning on giving it an attack parameter and gate length parameter as well. Without those two things and with a few of other things running (stereo delay plus routing for an effect send and return) is using %45 of my CPU. Once I finish it up I plan on posting it.

It would be really useful to have a more drop in and performant solution though.