Manual Looper > feedback vs dub controls

Just upgraded to the latest 0.3.16 and the manual looper/sampler recorder no longer works in the way that I was using it for a performance I have planned.

So I had the overdub and the dry/wet mix assigned to two axis of the intellijel plannar, so I could mix between recording new material into the buffer and listen to combinations of the dry and wet signal. This was a great remixing tool it allowed me to flick the plannar control and drop elements of audio into the looping buffer and also use the dry/wet to control transitions.

Now that overdub has been replaced with a feedback control, I don’t think I can do this anymore? I guess I could use several other units to control the input mix and the feedback mix but it seems pretty complicated. The original sample recorder behavior quite felt unique and powerful.

Is there another way or could the overdub/feedback control be something that could be switched in a later release?


I’d love the cross fading behavior back please, could it be a switch in the settings for the unit?

Yes me too I prefer the dub fader than the new feedback…
Maybe in another release we have access of dub and feedback fader !?

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I also miss the old looper behavior — its like a completely different unit now. Which is cool, but I wonder how I can create the old one again — the old way was exactly the behviour I like from the looper, anyone have any luck yet?

Also, after looping a buffer for a while, somehow I lose the audio, and have to make a new buffer or (what i’m doing now) switch back an forth between 2 buffers when one cuts out. Probably user error, but not sure how. I have just one unit (the manual looper) not sure what could cause this.

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2 cents: the new looper is better suited to my method/understanding… i prefer the current FB parameter over the X-fade which i couldn’t quite manage the long washouts as desired.


Yes, this method seems more intuitive to me too…I always had trouble controlling the dub parameter.


Yes, its works in a completely different way now — i think its not about which way is better, but how do we work the old way now has me scratching my head.

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The dub parameter can mostly be replicated by putting a VCA in front of your Manual Looper and setting the feedback to taste.

However the wet control is probably a bit more inconvenient to replicate. Basically, cross-fading is missing in the ER-301 at the moment.

So, I’m going to re-instate the old behavior as a separate unit. Any suggestions for a name?


Oh yes thank you brian
Name ?
Same as before ?
Sample looper recorder ?

How about Dub Looper then?

I am not sure though if I would not prefer a design decision for one or the other over having two units which are pretty much the same just with a slightly varying control surface. I am a bit afraid that the unit menu might get a little convoluted or crammed over time by too much diversity.

By the way: Is there a way to permanently delete Units that are not used from a device? Everyone could make his/her own choice then.

(Also looking forward to cross-fading capabilities…)

or in the same unit put Dub and Feedback faders?
It’s possible?

The creation of units is going to be the de facto solution for satisfying different preferences and workflows. That much is already decided. However, there will definitely be a way for a user to prune and curate the contents of their unit selection menu, even to the point of removing builtin units or replacing them with their own versions.


Great news, really want to play with some of the new stuff but need to keep this element working for my needs. “Dub Looper” would work for me, as suggested above.

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VCA in front of the looper would control mix in and I guess the same control inversely affecting feedback should allow it to work the same but then like you say wet/dry bit gets confusing, probably need to place the whole thing within another crossfader arrangement, to bypass the unit but without affecting the signal stored in the looper.

Like you say replacing the unit is probably a bit easier! :smiley:

Great news, looking forward to it!

Legacy Looper? :blush:


FYI, the original looper has been reincarnated as Dub Looper in v0.3.17.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: oh yes many thanks !