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Manual reboot request


@odevices Would it be at all possible to add a reboot / power cycle hot key option to restart the 301 without powering down my entire system? Sometimes my quicksaves won’t load and the system will freeze and in a live setting it would be great to do a reboot without powering down my entire system.



There’s a reboot option in admin–>update firmware. You don’t actually have to update the firmware in order to just reboot.


Can’t access that when it’s frozen. I’m saying literally cut the power off and on.


If the system has crashed, a software hotkey to reboot probably wouldnt work either :wink:


@NeilParfitt lol figured. Has anyone made like a 2 hp power switch that’s independent?


might be good to report to Brian on the crash so the issue can be isolated and fixed


Heh, sorry I guess I didn’t read your post as well as I thought I did. :slight_smile:

To Neil’s point, it may do no good. Though if the OS hasn’t actually crashed and is just super busy, it could maybe work depending where Brian puts it in the code. Only he knows his custom bulit OS I guess.

I have seen some situations where I’m pushing the hardware to the limit, like trying to load up 4 instances of Evil Twin, where I don’t think the ER-301 has technically crashed (it’s still outputing sound correctly) but I eventually give up on the UI ever responding to me again.

Kind of weird that you have some quick saves that lock it up on load, and you’re saying with a reboot they will load OK the next time? That sounds promising for a bug fix.

EDIT: in the meantime, maybe a proactive reboot before loading the troublesome quicksaves would help? If you’re not currently starting from a fresh load.


If this actually helps it would lead me to believe there was a memory management (memory leak, for example) issue with the way quicksaves are loaded.

To the op, when it freezers (or appears to) are you still getting audio output?



Not much to add, other than after Hofstadter’s law was mentioned the other day, in my breaks I have been slowly reading up on other laws… this one seems suitable here:

Wirth’s law: Software gets slower more quickly than hardware gets faster.



:thinking: I would really like to know more details about these freezes please.