Matching Sample Rate


New & super happy user here.

I’ve just made a quick sample based patch and I started questioning if there is a correlation between the Firmware SR and the Samples SR.
The Firmware came with the 48kHz and I have loaded a bunch of different WAVS some of which were 96kHz, so I wonder how is the 301 handling this disparity.

Should I convert them to match the Firmware? Will it relieve the CPU?

Thank you :slight_smile:

From the wiki

What is the difference between the 48kHz and 96kHz modes?
The 48kHz vs 96kHz native processing rates determine the rate at which the CPU will produce samples for the DAC. This means the 96kHz firmware will use about twice as much CPU as the 48kHz firmware when doing similar things. A corollary is that the sample rate of an audio file’s encoding will not impact CPU usage during playback because audio data is always resampled on-the-fly to the native sampling rate.

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Also I would like to add this:

If you don’t need your samples to be “resampled” on-the-fly but just want each sample to be output as-is to the DAC at the system rate, then use the Raw Player unit. This is the cheapest way to play a sample on the ER-301. However, you give up the ability to pitch up/down the sample and if you want your sample to play at the correct speed then the WAV file needs to be encoded at the system rate (48kHz or 96kHz).

Thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:

I’m loving the 301 so far! Looks complicated but it actually feels super easy to use. Great job!


exactly! i was really surprised bout how easy and comfy it felt when (after two months of watching videos) it finally landed here.
don’t get me wrong: the videos are awesome and are not misleading in any way (both @NeilParfitt’s and @Joe’s), it’s the unit that surpassed my hopes user experience-wise!
really one of the most brilliant pieces of hardware\software i ever get my dirty hands on!

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