Math Pin issue?

Is it normal behavior for the math screen to pin when I press math + delete? I didn’t see that combo in the manual but it’s a little annoying.

To pin maths, press maths and hold and then press the button next to the voltage display top right

I understand how it is supposed to work. But I’m asking why mine seems to get pinned when I press math plus delete.

That might be set in the config file, which you can edit.

Thanks. I’ll check that out.

Edit I didn’t see anything in the ini that seemed to relate. Also made sure my 101 and 102 were on the latest firmware.

I wonder if it is a sticky button issue. Its been a moderately common issue.

Certainly possible though neither button “feels” sticky. I’ll pay closer attention to that and see though since it is somewhat common. Thanks.

yeah. I had the same issue with Math button and it didn’t feel at all sticky either. Good luck!

Did you ever figure it out?

Brian had to do a repair on it.

Thanks. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!

Is this standalone or with the ER-102?

With the 102.

same here.
it acts OK when I release delete button BEFORE releasing math button (and vice-versa) but it stays pinned when I’m releasing both buttons at once. 101 + 102, both on latest firmware.