Math Units

What mathematical units would assist with ER-301 patching? I’ve been in need of a unit that raises an incoming voltage to the nth power and a unit that rounds an incoming voltage to a multiple of some increment. I suspect logical operators are on the horizon. What sort of units would you like to see of the math and logic variety?

Multiply by integer (VCA already does ?)
Toss, aka “flip a coin” : either 0 or 1
Random number within specified range
Scale : force a range into another

Pretty much anything that you can find in Teletype would be awesome but these above are the ones i’d use the most.


“Quantize” already rounds an incoming voltage, although it’d be nice to have more control over it.

I imagine math units could be grouped into larger multi-mode units. I did something similar with Euro Reakt.

1-input Math:
Full-wave rectify
Half-wave rectify
Voltage Mirror (1-x, where x is rectified)
Add/Sub constant

2-input Analog Logic:
Max (OR)
Min (AND)
Ring (Multiply)
Sum (Add)
Difference (Subtract)
Pong (Taken from Intellijel’s Shapeshifter: Take in 1 if positive, else if 2 is negative, else 0)
Curtis Roads Wave Terrain (… may be worth breaking out multiple wave terrain equations into their own deal.

2-Input bitwise operations (OR, AND, XOR, Interleave, C-Element)
2-Input boolean operations (same, but round each signal to 0 or 1 and compare that way instead of through individual bits).


I like where this is going.


Another set of 1-input math operations that I forgot to mention from Euro Reakt: Trig functions!


Those pretty much just need gain in/out parameters, along with an optional DC blocker if they’re used on audio instead of CV (plus limiting and filtering for edge cases).


yes to any maths modules these would be essential building blocks

This is a bit more than simple math, but a PLL and at least some kind of zero-crossing-rate-counter would be great. A foundational building block for convert audio to a pitch CV.

You’ve got the period-o-meter for this duty already.

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