Matrix Mixer Quicksave and Custom Units


I’m trying to get my head around a matrix mixer approach, I saw this talk by Rob Hordijk recently and it was mind-blowing stuff. So this morning I built this quick matrix mixer for the ER 301 to see if this approach works for me. I thought I’d just share the quick save and units already, perhaps it can be of use to you.

Here’s the routing:

  • Channel 1 contains inputs A 1 | B1 | C 1 | D 1

  • Channel 2 contains inputs A 2 | B 2 | C 2 | D 2

  • Channel 3 contains inputs A 3 | B 3 | C 3 | D 3

  • Channel 4 contains inputs In 1 | In 2 | In 3 | In 4

Each row unit contains 4 mixer channels, the local controls on the unit control the vca’s.
Inside the local controls there are units for teletype. 16 ports in total
I can imagine (and am experimenting with) scripts controlling the levels.
A faderbank, if you own one, can be pretty cool as well I suppose.

When using Teletype, the patch matrix is free for audio routing using stack-cables for instance to route your audio to multiple outputs. Place effects on some of the channel inputs, I can think of lots of ways to apply this.

Note: the cpu load is around 30%, but it’s taking up quite a lot of memory, perhaps because of TT ports. I’ve noticed inserting an effect on a channel can spike the cpu…hmmm

Anyway, let me know if this works for you, any thoughts or ideas are of course welcome!


Unzip the file
Place the units in the custom unit folder (v 04.11)
Place the contents of the quick save folder in a slot of your choosing.

Matrix mixer ER301 v (28.0 KB)


A quick example of Teletype sequencing all 16 inputs into 4 outputs, some reverb for taste